Sleeping Legion Status Update


If you are reading this, you must either be pretty bored or have fallen off the flat part of the interwebs! As the title implies, I wanted to write a quick blog post to update you to the status of my first book. I have written part one, for a grand total of 23,244 words, and it is currently in the editing phase. The second section is still in progress, though it is currently 29,205 words. I have about two and a half scenes left to write, so I still see it being done before the year ends. I recognize the disparity between the lengths of the two parts, and upon further consideration think that the last 3,000 words will likely serve as an epilogue. That said, it is already 52,449 words and solidly in the novel territory.


As you’ve read, this is a team effort, with my wife serving as the translator between the communication issues provided to me care of an insurgent IED (improvised explosive edvice) and imperfect battle armor. We are at the stage in the writing where she really earns her money, not that I pay her, since the insanity runs amok and she has to translate it to English for the world.


Because I loved Mister Rogers and the Jerry Springer Show, I decided to leave you with a thought of the day. Some deeply philospohical thought that sums up where I am. They might be zenlike, Buddha might or might not approve, sanity might or might not reign but there it is. Here goes my inaugural idea! After deep thought and contemplation, I will tell you that writing a novel is a lot harder than getting blown up in a war zone… Keep that in mind as you plan your future!

The Sleeping Legion Series


And now it’s official!!  Tim C. Taylor announced today on his site about my forthcoming work!  Can’t wait to finish and get it out there for everyone to read!  I have written approximately 50,000 words so far, have a few more sections to write, though as I write them I tend to find new ones I have to add, and then it is on to the editing phase!!


For those of you who wish to browse the website of the main series, I will gladly post the link.  I recommend his work, it is everything you love about military science fiction, but British!!!

Who am I?


Who am I? I am just your average American male, maybe a little bit crazier and a little bit fatter! First and foremost, I am a husband to wonderfully supportive woman and a father to two crazy boys. While serving in the Late Unpleasentness in Mesopotamia I suffered a minor tramautic brain injury, and as a consequence of this, my writing requires a lot of touch up work from my loving wife to ensure I tell the story I intended in a way that makes sense to the rest of humanity. I am then blessed with a loving mother who edits my work so that by the time my official editor looks at it most of the rough edges have been sanded down.

I love to read, any and all genres. I love amusing people with stories and tinkering with writing, hoping to be good enough for someone to want to read. I am currently working on my first novel for Human Legion Press in the universe of the acclaimed Human Legion Saga. It is tentatively titled The Sleeping Legion, and has been a lot of fun to write. There is a definite learning curve, and luckly Tim C. Taylor has been a great mentor and friend throughout the process. He graciously agreed to take a look at the beginning of my own story and give advice. Ultimately, he liked what he saw enough to offer me the chance to submit a proposal to write in his universe.

Now, I suppose you know just a wee bit about me so I will open the floor to questions and in the mean time I better get back to work!!