Empire at War – a military SF box set


I already pre-ordered this boxed set and can’t wait to sink my teeth into it! One of the authors, Phil Richards is also an enlisted infantryman so his insights should be compelling. And of course, I’m already a Tim C. Taylor fanboy…… So come on over, grab a comfortable chair and start reading…. you might just find kindred spirits in our wee fandom.

The Human Legion

More announcements!

You’ve probably seen plenty of box sets in the Amazon Kindle Store in recent years. The idea is that several individual titles are collected into a single Kindle book, and usually presented at a bargain price. The books are connected by a theme, and the first Kindle military SF/ space opera themed box set that I’m aware of was Stars & Empire, which came out last year and did very well.

These box sets are a very good idea, I thought to myself. So I decided to make one of my own.

EmpireAtWar_Box_v3_small The artwork, by Andy Bigwood, is even better when you unwrap it from the box and see it in its full resolution. There’s detail in every brush stroke.

I wanted a strong theme, which took me a while to dream up. Then it occurred to me that I had discovered other British military SF writers…

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Let it be written…


Just a quick post, because my fingers hurt and my head is set to explode, my first novel is officially written!!!  After many fireworks and screams of joy, I get to begin the long and arduous editing and revising process.  This is all new territory, so come, walk with me as we learn together!

Sleeping Legion B1

This is only a provisional cover, it needs to be edited to reflect that my novella grew up into a novel!  The final version will follow when it’s ready!!