2nd Quarter Goals:


2nd Quarter Goals:



  1. Finish Operation Breakout:  Because Legion Awakes won’t see the light of day until this book is in the hopper and I crave reader feedback.

  2. Outline book 3 and do this in such a way that I can dictate with it, even though I don’t know what that looks like yet.

  3. Outline the short story in any universe, just so long as I write a short story. In the past every short story I’ve written, okay I’ve only tried once, turned into a novel. I really ought to write a blog post about when novellas growing up to be novels.  I already have a base idea for the story, and I’m excited to try it.

  4. Write a short story

  5. Practice Dragon Speak once a day.

  6. Write at least one scene a week using the Dragon software.

  7. Read the many self-help books I bought about learning to dictate.

    The Productive Authors Guide to Dictation: Speak Your Way to Higher (and Healthier!) Word Counts by Cindy Grigg.

    Dictate Your Book: How to Write Your Book Faster, Better and Smarter by Monica Leonelle.

    Dictation: Dictate Your Writing- Write Over 1,000,000 Words A Year Without Breaking A Sweat! (Writing Habits, Write Faster, Productivity, Speech Recognition Software, Dragon Naturally Speaking) by Kevin Gise.

    The Writers Guide to Training Your Dragon: Using Speech Recognition Software to Dictate Your Book and Supercharge Your Writing Workflow (Dictation Mastery for PC and Mac) by Scott Baker

  8. Write six blog posts.  I already have one in the hopper waiting editing so I can post and another one that I want to write so I’m already making progress!!

  9. Walk at least five times a week.

  10. Lose 10 of the trillion pounds I could stand to lose.

  11. Give up my daily Diet Coke habit, switch to water and drink 80 ounces a day.

  12. Read five novel novels and write reviews for the blog.

  13. Incorporate the pen name J.R. Handley and set up bank accounts for it.

  14. Figure out author bio screen pic.

  15. Improve my blog/website.

  16. Join a writer’s group (either in real life or online).

  17. Treat this writing like a job with more time actually writing, and last time being distracted.

The Human Legion Universe


Dear Everyone,

Today my friend, mentor and fellow author (Can I say that before my first novel is even published?) has redesigned and re-launched his website and The Sleeping Legion is all over it! 🙂  Go check it out, poke around and share your thoughts!!!  I’ll even post a link to some of the art from my series, with the understanding that Tim has all of the legal documentation for the rights on his page and available upon request.  It is an awesome re-design, still a few bugs to work out, but I like where it is going!!



J.R. Handley


PS: When I get better at this whole technology racket I will add tons of more groovy art for you all to drool over!!!




The first novel in The Sleeping Legion series is done, and happily in the hands of the first round of beta readers.  Still no feedback, so I’m holding my breath and turning blue…..


Okay, I’m back.  I’m now working on the second book in The Sleeping Legion series, Operation Breakout.  I’m approximately 33k words into the manuscript and making some tweaks.  I had to take a break for two months because of a hand injury, though my Dragon Software program comes tomorrow, so I’m hoping it will be my end run around the pain and back into my story.  I hope to get Operation Breakout done within the next two months, though the sooner the better.  I’ve created more Human technology and hope to add some bad arsed fight scenes!!  I’ve also included some new alien hardware, though it is just a further explanation of what Tim C. Taylor wrote in his part of the Human Legion Universe.  Speaking of Tim’s books, I just finished book five, War Against The White Knights, and it was wonderful.  The only sad part is the wait for book six!!!  Anyway, enough rambling here…. Operation Breakout aint gonna write itself….. Or is it? (insert maniacal laugh)