The first novel in The Sleeping Legion series is done, and happily in the hands of the first round of beta readers.  Still no feedback, so I’m holding my breath and turning blue…..


Okay, I’m back.  I’m now working on the second book in The Sleeping Legion series, Operation Breakout.  I’m approximately 33k words into the manuscript and making some tweaks.  I had to take a break for two months because of a hand injury, though my Dragon Software program comes tomorrow, so I’m hoping it will be my end run around the pain and back into my story.  I hope to get Operation Breakout done within the next two months, though the sooner the better.  I’ve created more Human technology and hope to add some bad arsed fight scenes!!  I’ve also included some new alien hardware, though it is just a further explanation of what Tim C. Taylor wrote in his part of the Human Legion Universe.  Speaking of Tim’s books, I just finished book five, War Against The White Knights, and it was wonderful.  The only sad part is the wait for book six!!!  Anyway, enough rambling here…. Operation Breakout aint gonna write itself….. Or is it? (insert maniacal laugh)

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