Writing Update


Attention, may I have your attention please……

Would the owner of a white Ford Bronco please turn your headlights off…..


Wait, that wasn’t todays announcement!!  I have the privilege of telling everyone that, as of today, the first draft of my second novel is done!  Now my short story and first two novels are in various stages of editing, so I am in the nail biting stage.  Since I can’t write book three while so much of the plot is up in the air, editing can do that to a poor wee plot, I have decided to start getting some blog articles ready and to try my hand a short stories!


Now, if you enjoyed this update… make all checks payable to…….

13 thoughts on “Writing Update

  1. QuintessentialEditor

    Congrats on the continuing progress. It sure looks like you are churning out words at a staggering rate. Good luck with the short stories. I will be sure to swing by and check them out.

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    • Thanks! Since I am under contract with THE HUMAN LEGION PRESS I’m not sure how I will release them but writing them can be a steep learning curve! 🙂

      And I love seeing fellow soldiers kicking it in this arena! While I was at Villanova for grad school I often confronted the stereotype of enlisted men and women as lacking intelligence… Nice to meet others who combat that fallacy!

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