Every grunt who ever spent time in the field, every Marine who played in the mud and sand, will appreciate this video!  I share this in honor of my fellow infantrymen!  Oh, and for the soon to be infantry women!  I salute you all, my grunt family!


6 thoughts on “Woobie

  1. Quintessential Editor

    Hah! I love Mat Best. Him and his boys do a lot for the vet community. I still haven’t seen the movie they made yet! It wasn’t available anywhere near me. I’ll snag the DVD when I can.

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      • Quintessential Editor

        I would agree with that. He is driving toward millennial veterans, which I fall into. It’s encouraging to see people who are focusing on the veteran community. One day, when I’m a zillionaire publishing giant, I want to create a publishing house that targets the veteran community. Small steps first though. Chess, not checkers.

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