March News


Hey Space Cadets, how’s everyone doing on this fine day? I’m pretty good, thanks for asking! I’m deep into my preparations for my garden, taking into consideration what I learned from 2020. Also, I’m looking at the best way to preserve what I grow so there is nothing wasted.

Now, let’s talk about my writing news. I just typed ‘the end’ on The Reservist 2 and turned it in to the publisher! Can I get a moment of silence as we take it all in. It was a long journey, but it has ended and now I can take a deep breath before I do it all again.

Because I don’t want to drag out the next novel, I’ve gotten right to work. I’ve started outlining my next project. I can’t let another year lapse between new content, that hurt my soul. As you may recall, the next project series with James M Ward and I am excited to get to work. Meanwhile, I’m also organizing the two anthologies that were mentioned in last month’s newsletter.

Blastes and Blades Podcast          In addition, I’ve also started a Buy Me A Coffee account so people could donate towards the podcast that we just brought back or just help keep the lights on. Speaking of the podcast, why don’t you check out our newly rebranded show! The Blasters and Blades Podcast is a fun romp through space-time, where three Army veterans nerd out on science fiction and fantasy insanity! You can listen to the audio-only version here or watch it on YouTube here. If you decide to check it out, shoot me a line and tell me what you think!

While I’m at work in the book writing factory and getting heckled by fans of my insanity, I thought I’d recommend some books for you to enjoy! Why do I do this? Because I know you can read faster than any single author can write. How do I pick what to share? I’ve either read the books or other books by this author. I won’t recommend books I can’t vouch for and I’ll tell you which category this fits into.

Forgotten Ruin          First, let me recommend the epic new series called The Forgotten Ruin by authors Jason Anspach and Nick Cole. It’s one of my new favorites! This series is what happens if you stick a modern US Army Ranger unit in the middle of Middle Earth with some shades of World of Warcraft! If you love military science fiction and fantastical adventures, grab this book today! You’ll thank me later; I just know it! Oh, and I have to say that this audiobook narrator is pure liquid gold, you’ll love listening to him read this series to you. Well… what are you waiting for, click the link already!

Contact Front          I’d also like to recommend a book that isn’t new, but I just found it after hearing all of the hype from my fellow sci-fi nerds. It’s called Contact Front by Rick Partlow. It’s the start of the new Drop Troop Series that I can’t wait to dive into. In all fairness, I’ve read several of Rick’s short stories that have been published in various anthologies. But back to his book, I can’t wait to listen to this exciting new series! It’s a fun twist on the “go to war or go to jail” trope – a story of redemption among the ruins of a galaxy gone mad. If this is your jam, you’ll love this epic military sci-fi thrill ride. And better yet, dive in today for free if you are a member of the Kindle Unlimited program.

I would be remiss if I didn’t remind you to leave a review on Amazon, Good Reads, or Bookbub if you like the books!

Anyway, all good things must end and so too must this newsletter. This is the part of the fun romp through my twisted mind where I’d normally share stories about my time in the US Army. For those of you who are new, I only share ones that aren’t too closely linked to my combat trauma, those are just too personal. Sadly, I couldn’t think of any that I felt comfortable sharing. My mind is still mush from finishing The Reservist 2. I’ll get back to my regularly scheduled shenanigans next month!


Until next time, stay frosty, and don’t forget to keep your powder dry!




 –> As usual, all images came from Google’s images in the “labeled for reuse” section or are owned by JR Handley.

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