Shenanigans and Updates


Hello Space Cadets, how is everyone doing?  I’m well, so is my grandmother!  Thank you, truly, to everyone who sent their happy thoughts into the ethos for my Grandma Handley, it meant a lot.  As a quick update, I should (fingers crossed) have the new look for my website up within the week.  Once it is up, I will let everyone know what is going on with that.  We should seamlessly merge it into this page, since I bought the domain and a premium account from WordPress.  If it doesn’t work as planned, I will direct everyone where to go… but I hope it isn’t necessary.

Here is a quick look at where I want my blog to go.  While I work on getting my professional looking blog and a few articles in every category cued up, I will continue on as I have been.  I have to coordinating with the authors I hope to interview, prepare the questions I want to ask and generally be prepared so I don’t look like a boot recruit.  If any of you have any general questions for the warrior authors or the family series, post them in the comments!

  1. Marine Monday’s: A series of world building from the Human Legion Universe, to include my own Sleeping Legion.
  2. World Building Wednesdays: A series of posts on my writing process, not necessarily the right or best way, just my way.  Dang, now I want some Burger King!
  3. Family Fridays Interview Series: A series of interviews with other writers, editors, agents and anyone else involved in the wild world of books.  The focus will be on how we manage our passion for the written word and our duties to our kinfolk.
  4. Warrior Writer Weekend Interview Series: A series of interviews with veterans who write, edit or have any other role within the wild world of books.  I will try to publish these on Saturday, but the guarantee is that it will post on a weekend!  I want to highlight their service, reflect upon how it has influenced or affected their works and get all fanboy over their stuff!  There could be overlap, as many veterans who write also have families, but the focus here will be their service and writing.
  5. Funny Fill Ins: Basically, I’ll keep the witty and humorous bent that I’ve had so far.  If it doesn’t fit into another category I will post it on a Tuesday, Thursday or on an open weekend day.  I will also post any reblogs on these days as well.


Until next time, stay frosty and don’t forget to keep your powder dry!

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First, I have to tell you I’ll likely go MIA for a week or two as I address some family issues.  My grandmother, who inspired this pen name, isn’t doing well so I’m driving north like a good grandson should.  Fret not, I will try to write some good posts… however, I’ll be less active on others blogs.  I’ll miss the great posts, so don’t get abducted by aliens while I’m away.  Coming back to your great posts will keep me motivated not to fall asleep while driving.  And never fear, my house will be protected!


Secondly, Team Handley will be updating our site soon for a more polished look.  We already own the domain name, so now it is all about figuring out the technical bits.  Worst case scenario, we bring in ‘the professionals’ to get it right but we hope to do it ourselves.


Finally, the happy note that I led with.  For those of you who’re friends with me on Facebook will know, my paperback proof of book one came in on Wednesday!!  I’m super excited, and you should be too!!!  Until next time, be safe out there and remember… if you can’t be good, be good at it.


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3rd Quarter Goals


2nd Quarter Goals Update:


As you know, the last quarter has come and gone so it is time to evaluate my goals and discuss whether or not I completed them.  Here are the goals from last quarter, and my progress on them.  And THANK YOU Madame Vivian Reis for your recent video about the topic…. It reminded me mine was due as well!

  1. Finish Operation Breakout because Legion Awakes won’t see the light of day until this book is in the cue and I crave reader feedback.
  2. This is a FAIL.  The book has since been renamed FORTRESS BETA CITY, is at 78,000 words, but isn’t done yet.  I WILL finish it this week, for what that’s worth.
  3. Outline book 3 in such a way that I can dictate with it, even though I don’t know what that looks like yet.
  4. DONE!!  Woohoo me!!
  5. Outline the short story.  This can be in any universe just so long as I outline it. In the past every short story I’ve written, okay I’ve only tried once, turned into a novel. I really ought to write a blog post about when novellas growing up to be novels.
  6. DONE!
  7. Write a short story.
  8. This is a BIG FAT FAIL.  I spent too much time pushing forward on book two and made that a priority.  This IS on my list though.
  9. Practice Dragon Speak once a day.
  10. Another BIG FAT FAIL.  I need to do this, however, because my hand injuries mean I can’t sustain typing by hand.  Oh well, there is always next quarter.
  11. Write at least one scene a week using the Dragon software.
  12. Again, a BIG FAT FAIL…..
  13. Read the many self-help books I bought about learning to dictate.  I won’t list them again, but they’re on the original post for last quarter.
  14. Another BIG FAT FAIL but only because I pushed hard on the second novel at the expense of everything else.
  15. Write six blog posts.
  16. DONE!!!  As a disclaimer, those all got posted right away and I haven’t done anything recently.  We ARE looking into setting up a better website which I have big plans for.
  17. Walk at least five times a week.
  18. I had a lot of momentum in the beginning but for health reasons fell off the wagon.  There is always next quarter.  As far as a grade, I guess a BIG HALF FAIL?
  19. Lose 10 of the trillion pounds I could stand to lose.
  20. Lost 15 pounds, I’ll call that a win!
  21. Give up my daily Diet Coke habit, switch to water and drink 80 ounces a day.
  22. Done!!
  23. Read five novels and write reviews for the blog.
  24. Done, I made a point to read a variety of stuff this quarter!  I’m currently reading an ARC for Kristen Martin’s upcoming novel The Order of Omega.  So far it is looking good, and I’m enjoy helping other authors as a beta reader.  I didn’t write the reviews but that is because I have another vision for the blog which I hope you’ll enjoy when I unveil it!
  25. Incorporate the pen name J.R. Handley and set up bank accounts for it.
  26. Half Done!!  We have incorporated the name, though we haven’t set up a bank account yet as we are pre-revenue.  I will call this a win!
  27. Figure out author bio screen pic.
  28. Done, though we are doing a bit of research on the right family crest for our line before we publish it.
  29. Improve my blog/website.
  30. FAIL, though we are finally looking into it.  Maybe next quarter?
  31. Join a writer’s group (either in real life or online).
  32. FAIL, though with two special needs kids it is often hard to find any free time and when I eek some out of my day I prefer to spend some quality time with my queen. 
  33. I need to treat this writing like a job with more time actually writing, and last time being distracted.
  34. This was a 50-50 note, so I will call it incomplete and add it to next quarter!






  1. Finish FORTRESS BETA CITY and then write at least 75% of OPERATION BREAKOUT.
  2. Write a short story.
  3. Practice Dragon Speak once a day.
  4. Write at least one scene a week using the Dragon software.
  5. Walk at least five times a week.
  6. Write at least 9 blog posts for the three followers’ I currently have reading pleasure!
  7. Update my webpage.
  8. Lose 10 of the trillion pounds I could stand to lose.
  9. Set up bank accounts for JR Handley Inc.!
  10. Join a writer’s group (either in real life or online).
  11. I need to treat this writing like a job with more time actually writing, and last time being distracted.
  12. Figure out what we will do for SWAG for The Sleeping Legion series.
  13. Publish my first novel and the reader magnet short story.
  14. Sell a lot of said books!