HonorCon 2016


I was hoping to attend HonorCon this year… lots of good panels for the budding military science fiction writer, but it was sold out.

2016-08-07 23.30.42

Probably for the best, I hadn’t realize it would be $150 a head!!  My only Con experience was RavenCon and that was a more reasonable $50 a person to attend.  Naturally I assumed all Cons were about that cost.

Maybe 2017 will be my year!! 🙂  And who knows, maybe my first royalties can pay for the cost to attend!!!  Either way, I WILL be attending RavenCon again in 2017, it was too fun not too!


–> Authors Note:  The computer screen grab image was taken by J.R. Handley and is owned by him.  Anyone wishing to use them may do so, provided proper citation is used.

–> The RavenCon logo belongs solely to that fine organization, which I highly recommend you check out!  And if you are attending in 2017, shoot me a line and we can meet for liquid refreshments!  I have linked to their site above, so go take a gander at it!