Hey Space Cadets, how are you doing this fine day?  I’m doing well, I’m hard at work at my new series.  Just wanted to let you know I have joined in with other authors for the Science Friction Giveaway scheduled for May 18 – June 30, 2018!  I am really excited to be working with this group and hope you will take a look at the free books being offered.

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Book Review: Infliction (Mech Wars Book 4)



Hey Space Cadets, how’re you all doing?  I hope you’ve sufficiently recovered from your cabin fever and winter doldrums?  Spring seems to finally be in the air, and in the south of the US of A that means asphyxiation by pollen! I managed to survive the dreaded yellow death and lived to tell about it.  I’ve got my new glasses and can finally read again, though I fought off the doctor’s recommendation of bifocals.  Now the intemperate weather has again made sane people hide from the seasons – I’m back to the writing. Continue reading