From the Ashes


From the AshesWhat will you do when the world goes belly up?

Will you enjoy the glorious post-apocalypse – will you gnash your teeth and wail?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to figure it out. We’ve got you covered! Dive right in with 15 great stories where our 16 authors show how things could play out.

David Mudo – Dune Strider
Devon C. Ford – The Wall
Drue Bernardi – Rotting Highway
IQ Malcolm – A Girl with a Bird
J.R. Murdock – Apocalypse FM
Rick Shaw – #Iceteroid Survivors
J. R. Handley & Corey Truax – Civil Unrest
Lawrence N. Oliver – The Two Waters
MK Clark – The Beetle Problem
Nathan Pedde – Sailing Vessel Wanderlust: The Delivery
Terry Mixon – Girls Night Out
Tim C. Taylor – Monsters Understand Beauty Too
Tim Niederriter – Who Drowned the Earth
Walt Robillard – Lost Horizon: The Surge
Rick Partlow – Bones of Paradise

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