Story Review: Luck of the Draw by J.R. Handley and Corey D. Truax, From For a Few Credits More anthology


Space Cadets,
One of my stories in the 4HU anthology was reviewed by MLS Weech. You should read his thoughts and share your own!

M.L.S. Weech

510QAdWwRNLSpolier Free Summary: Luck of the Draw  by J.R. Handley and Corey D. Truax is the fifth story in the Four Horsemen anthology, For a Few Credits More.  Ivan Petrov is a shadow of the man he was, and the man he was wasn’t much to begin with. Drunk, in debt, and in trouble with loan sharks, his life takes a turn when his association with said loan sharks makes him the perfect tool for Boudicca, a bounty hunter tracking a much bigger fish than a simple bookie. But Ivan’s trial in this new bounty hunter mission may just be the first step to his path to redemption.

NOTE: Corey and J.R. are both friends. I was also honored to be a beta reader for this project. These facts do not change my honest opinions of their work.

Character:  Ivan and Boudicca are solid characters. Ivan’s arc is the…

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Book Review: Prisoner of Darkness



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