Memorial Day 2023


Photo Apr 23, 7 26 02 PMHey Space Cadets! Today I want to step away from the SciFi goodness that normally inhabits this page. Instead, I wanted to talk about the elephant in the room. Many of you live in the United States, just like I do. I’m not stalking you, but I can see the meta data from behind the digital curtains. For us Americans it’s Memorial Day. It is a solemn day where we remember those who died for our freedom, mourn their deaths, while celebrating their lives. This day has always been a special time for me, but I’m a military brat from a long line of veterans. I was told war stories about my forefathers from an early age, but they never quite felt real. Sure, they were great adventures, but they were never tangible for me. Sadly, that all changed for me after my second tour in Iraq. After that, those stories weren’t just strange adventure tales. Nope, they were my stories now. My ghosts. So, yeah, now I’ll unashamedly weep for the fallen because those stories became about my friends. These names that we celebrate are no longer abstract and esoteric, they’re people I served with. I knew them, heard stories of their lives and saw pictures of their families. I even met their significant others; wives, girlfriends, husbands, boyfriends. I held their kids at unit functions and argued with them over bad calls on mandatory fun sporting events. Continue reading



Hey Space Cadets, how’re y’all doing today?  I just wanted to remind you about our next anthology.  Get your stories in!  I am really looking forward to seeing all the fabulous stories that get submitted for this anthology.  Remember the cut off date is coming soon – June 15th to be exact.

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Hey Space Cadets, how’re y’all doing today?  I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that due to losses in the family we have extended the due date for the Zombie Anthology.  The due date for stories has been extended to 30 April, with stories being accepted by the 15th of May.  Tell your friends! I look forward to seeing what is written for this anthology.

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Hey Space Cadets, how’re y’all doing today?  I just wanted to let you know that submissions for this anthology are due today.  If you have a story that is not quite ready to submit I have extended the submission date until end of business 23 Feb 2023.  Don’t miss this opportunity! Continue reading



Hey Space Cadets, how’re y’all doing today?  I am recovering from the holidays and getting back on my diet wagon.  Wish me luck! To start the year I am putting out the call for my 2023 anthologies along with the dates. As you know, I love the short story, so I look forward to seeing what comes in.  Please tell your friends, so we get a good turn out for these works.

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New Anthology Release


Hey Space Cadets, how’s everyone doing today? I’m doing well, still pushing myself. I’m desperately trying to get a good schedule working between being a single parent and making time for writing, so wish me luck. I just wanted to take a break to let you know about the release of my two new anthologies. Continue reading

Book Review: The Last Hunter by JN Chaney and Terry Mixon


Hey Space Cadets, I hope today finds you well! Things are fine here; the weather is changing and life meanders along. In the meantime, I finished this book again so here is my review! I’ve read this book several times, so I could write a better review. I hope you enjoy my rambling thoughts!

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Blaster Bolts Kickstarter


Hey Space Cadets, I wanted to reach out to you and tell you about a Kickstarter for an anthology that includes two of my short stories. I had a lot of fun writing them with Jaime DiNote and thought you should hear about this exciting offer!

What is Blaster Bolts?

Blaster Bolts is a zine with short science fiction (with a western or military vibe), fun art and new adventures and rules content for the White Star Roleplaying Game (including a lot of new content from system creator James Michael Spahn.)

With the help of some talented artists, fiction authors and gaming writers – we released 13 complete issues of Blaster Bolts this year. 

But, why?

We wanted to create a magazine that was both fun to read and to look at and that was reminiscent of well-loved fan magazines of the early 80s (such as Dragon) that combined  fiction with tabletop gaming content. While Dragon  was specifically a fantasy magazine, we wanted to do a science fiction spin on that idea.

So, what is this Kickstarter for?

This Kickstarter will fund the layout on two compilation books:

  • The anthology of the short stories from the 13 existing issues of Blaster Bolts. 
  • An omnibus of the new rules content and adventures for the White Star RPG from the 13 issues of Blaster Bolts.

Why a two-book set?

Short answer: We have had a lot of requests for both an anthology collecting just the fiction and an omnibus with just the RPG content.

Longer answer: This two-book set lets you get the full Blaster Bolts experience as you immerse yourself in this rich science fiction to set the stage on your game table for retro sci-fi fun.

Until next time, stay frosty, and don’t forget to keep your powder dry!



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Book Review: The Renegade Star Series


Hey Space Cadets, I hope this blog post finds you well. I’m doing well – still working on getting healthy.  I am also dragging my boys with me.  I am still working on my super-secret project with J. R. Ward.

I wanted to repost this book review of a series I really enjoyed.  I hope you enjoy it. Continue reading