JR Handley’s New Anthology – On Deadly Ground


Hey Space Cadets, how is everyone today?  I am doing fine – just finished a short story.  Which got me to thinking – no that is not my brain smoking… where was I?  Oh yes, I got to thinking about where to publish the story. Then it hit me… literally hit me, that it was time to do a new anthology. So, after talking to my admin staff we decided to go for it.  So below you will see the details of my call for short stories for this anthology.

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March News


Hey Space Cadets, how’s everyone doing on this fine day? I’m pretty good, thanks for asking! I’m deep into my preparations for my garden, taking into consideration what I learned from 2020. Also, I’m looking at the best way to preserve what I grow so there is nothing wasted.

Now, let’s talk about my writing news. I just typed ‘the end’ on The Reservist 2 and turned it in to the publisher! Can I get a Continue reading