Smokin’ Hot Book Sales



Hey Space Cadets, I just wanted to share another blog recommending some good stories with you! All of these are listed at $0.99 USD, so get them now while they’re still on sale. While I own all of them, I haven’t gotten around to reading them all. But I vet before I buy, thanks to the sample feature on Amazon. I thought they we’re all worth my money, so I’m happily recommending them to you!

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Cyber Monday Sales



Hey Space Cadets, how are you guys enjoying your Cyber Monday?  I’m fine, spending time with my family and writing.  I wanted to share some awesome deals with you, in honor of the Day of Epic Interwebs Sales! Hopefully, you manage to find your special deals, without ending up in some Dickens Novel poor house! Continue reading

Podium Publishing



Hey Space Cadets, how are you doing?  Hopefully everyone is doing amazingly!  I’m working on rewriting the ending for Operation Breakout and wanted to take a break to give you some amazing news.  If you jump into the Handley Trenches, and join our newsletter, you’ll receive some free literature!  Not religious tracts, you’ll get a free copy of the prequel novella Demons of Kor-Lir and, for this week only, No Marine Left Behind.  It goes up for sale later this month, so check it out.




Now, onto the topic of the day!  The fine people at Podium Publishing recently signed a contract for the audio rights for The Sleeping Legion Series.  We’re getting an audiobook.  I’ll keep the information coming as soon as I get it!  In the meantime, I checked out their company and was impressed.  They’ve got some amazing voice talent and the other books they’ve done are fantastic.  I’ll have good company, what more could I ask for?


Until next time, stay frosty and don’t forget to keep your powder dry! 




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Exciting news!!!!!


I’m lifting my head above the writing and publishing trenches for a few moments to share some exciting news about an imminent new Sleeping Legion book launch, a new audiobook deal, and more. If you follow JR Handley’s blog, you’ll already know about a novellete he’s been working on called No Marine Left Behind. Well,…

via No Marine Left Behind: a new Sleeping Legion novelette — The Human Legion