Hello Space Cadets, I wanted to bring you some updates. First, let me update you on my progress in the Great Quest known as NaNoWriMo.  I am currently 11,062 words into Operation Breakout, the third novel in my Sleeping Legion series.  This is a lot farther behind than I would like, but I’m trying not to psych myself up and get in my own way.  According to the scheduled, I should hit 15,000 words today.  I got a late start because I was wrapping up my last novel and getting my editing done.  What can I say, the editor Corey is a slave driver!  I finished my outline for my current project and got it tentatively approved by my publisher Tim C. Taylor on Day 4.  Hey, if your Supreme High Overlord isn’t happy, aint nobody happy!  Since that approval was granted I’ve been writing full bore in a race to the finish line.  Yesterday I wrote 2,416 words and if I can do that for four days I’ll be back where I need to be.  However, over the next two days I’ll again be knee deep into Fortress Beta City for my final editing pass before it goes to a copy editor and is published.


While most people are participating in NaNo so they can finish a novel, or to motivate them to just write, I’m searching for something else.  I’m searching for a technique which helps me achieve balance between writing, blogging, family time, exercising and that albatross authors simply call marketing.  Realistically, if I can hit that 2k words a day, I’ll be on pace to become the next big pulp writer of my generation cranking out 5 to 6 books a year!  And maybe, someday, I can roll around in piles of money like the Scrooge McDuck version of JK Rowling!


All of this has forced me to rig for silent running, hunker down and pound out words.  I’ve failed, as I couldn’t go cold turkey on the social aspect of writing.  See, told you I needed NaNo!!  But that wasn’t the only reason I’ve been less visible.  (looks around nervously)  I’ve also been silent because I’ve been dealing with Army life again.  Yes, my fat and broken body was recalled to fight in the Army’s top secret war against the dictatorial regime of the Donovian Militants.  Atropia was being invaded and the US Army has been stretched thin with our decade long campaigns in Iraq, Afghanistan, and more recently bolstering South Korea against the aggressive posturing of The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.


This left the US Army with a critical manpower shortage, without a draft to re-fill the ranks.  Their solution, recall those who were listed in the IRR (Inactive Ready Reserves).  Basically, we’re calling up the broke dicks and grey beards.  Rest assured, we were resolute in our resolve to defend the Atropians against the evil Donovian Militants, who sought to take advantage of our national distraction in the Middle East.  In a campaign, reminiscent of the short war in Panama known as Operation Just Cause, the enemy was repelled and stability returned to the region.



Now that I can again return to the tranquil comforts of home and hearth, I shall endeavor to get back up on the writing horse.  Wish me words as I fight the evil muse for every sentence!  But rest easy, we got this!


Until next time, stay frosty and don’t forget to keep your powder dry!

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