Hello Space Cadets, today I decided to spill me soul and show you my heart, my one true love.  How do I start?  She was everything, she was life changing and later became lifesaving.  While I was in elementary school, I had a crush, and her name was Emily.  She was sweet, never said a harsh word (that my 6-year-old self heard) and cared about those who were bullied.  People like me, the fat kid. 


Years past, I found sports and lost some of the baby fat.  I grew up, reached the age where I cared about those of the female persuasion, but I looked back fondly on her.  Well, more what she meant to me than who or what she was as a person.  Let’s be real, my memories of her were idealized ones, rather than representing who she really was.  When I dated, I would look back fondly my time on the playground with her.


Fast forward to Fort Benning, Georgia in the stifling heat of  the summer of 1999.  Our rifles were issued to us.  Our drill sergeants forced us to name them, and like most boot recruits at the infantry school I chose Laura, my girlfriends name.  Training went on, letters dried up and my rifle earned a new name.  “The Biotch That Never Writes.”  Then I received my “Dear John Letter” and my rifle needed a new name, one with less baggage.  Seeking better times and fonder memories, I named her Emily.


Emily was a wondrous rifle, full of sass and charm.  She bucked a little, showing her independence, but in my tender loving hands she came through.  I loved her, we made magic and I qualified as expert.  This trend followed through to every rifle I was ever issued, until I got to my time fighting in the sweltering heat of Mesopotamia. Through every dust storm, every combat engagement, and every sleepless night Emily comforted me and brought me home.


Moral of this tale, when you find a good woman you hold her tight and don’t let go.


Until next time, stay frosty and don’t forget to keep your powder dry!




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