Advanced Warning – Tomorrow for Cyber Monday!



Hey Space Cadets, I hope you’re all on the road to recovering from your Turkey Day food coma!  I’m doing well, and enjoyed time with my wife’s family!  Now that the holiday is come and gone, I’ll show my thankfulness by re-starting my healthier living goals.  I plan on building back up to my mile walks in the morning, and will add in some stretching.  I’m working on adapting my diet more holistically, instead of just dieting.  I hope it’ll mean I can keep it up, since it’ll be a lifestyle change, instead of a temporary culinary one.  We’ve started doing some meal prep as a family, so we cook in bulk on the weekends and then freeze it.  This way, even when I need quick meals, I can have healthy ones.  Finally, I plan to add yoga to the mix.  My doctor thinks it can help me regain some of my lost mobility, though I’ve tried so many things I’m a bit skeptical.  My good friends Jason Anspach and Nick Cole recommended DDP Yoga, so I’ll give that a shot. Continue reading

Book Review: Kill Team (Galaxy’s Edge Book 3)



Hey Space Cadets, here is the next installment in my series of book reviews.  As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m a member of the TRMN.  It’s a fan club for the Honor Harrington Universe by David Weber, and they do contests for their members all the time.  There is a reading contest currently going on, and we get points for page reads.  I’m thrilled as it prompted me to read more, as I’ve let writing get in the way of reading!  In addition to reading more in the last few months, this month I’ve been working the editorial revisions for book four, the final book of The Sleeping Legion Series.  Finally, if you haven’t read it, Operation Breakout and For a Few Credits More are live!

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