Sleeping Legion Update



Hello Space Cadets, I wanted to tell you the official release date of my second novel!!  I’m still pinching myself, is it a dream?  Cause if it is, don’t wake me up!!  The second novel in my Sleeping Legion Series will be released on December 21st, 2016!!  Can you believe it?  After all that blabbering, it is finally real!


Just to give you a taste of what’s to come…. With no context! 😉


“Tonight, we crush these Hardits. Look at the ground around you. Look at the blood of the fallen. Look at the destruction. How long have we sat on these walls and watched our brothers and sisters pour their blood onto the battlefields? How long has the enemy hovered, just out of reach or out of range? How long have we waited for this moment? It is here. We wait no longer. Jotun, human, Marine, Aux — none of that matters now. We are Legion!” 




Not gonna lie, it will be an epic contest of wills and many will die.  If I pulled a JK and apologized for every death….well, I’d die before I was done!!  Hope everyone is as enthusiastic as I am!!


Until next time, stay frosty and don’t forget to keep your powder dry!




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Go read some Australian YA!


As I’ve mentioned, I am now purging my blog for anything which has the potential to violate someone else’s copyright.  In that vein, under the advice of my outstanding editor, Tim C. Taylor, I will no longer be directly reblogging other content.  What I will do, instead, is talk about their post and provide the links for you to get there too.  This protects me and prevents me from hassling every blogger I love, asking for the proper documentation of their digital rights.  Even if they have the rights to the art, it doesn’t transfer to me, so I can’t necessarily use it.  As I wouldn’t want someone stealing stories I worked hard on, I wont knowingly steal the art someone else worked equally hard on.


Now on to the good bits!!  A blogger whose posts I adore, Adoptabookaus, recently posted about some of her favorite Australian Young Adults (YA) authors and series.  It looked so good I had to share.  The blogger recommends several authors to check out!  She loved  Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman, whom she meet at the Nevernight launch.  She found them to be down to earth and friendly.  She also recommends Mark Zusak and John Marsden, more established authors. Some of her new favorites were Jacinta Maree and Lynette Noni, whom she highly recommends.  There were even more amazing books and novelists listed so go now, check out the post about Ozy YA!!

A blue field with the Union Flag in the upper hoist quarter, a large white seven-pointed star in the lower hoist quarter, and constellation of five white stars in the fly – one small five-pointed star and four, larger, seven-pointed stars.



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__>  This post replaces a reblog I took from the Adoptabookaus that I did a few days ago.  Sadly, that post had to die and be reborn, like the phoenix, from the ashes.