SciFy Shenanigans: Richard Fox


Hey Space Cadets, how’s everyone doing today?  I’m doing fantastic!  I am working on my super-duper secret project.  It looks like Insurgency:  Spartika (The Sleeping Legion Book 4) will be released in the near future.  Well, enough about me.  Let’s get right to the point of my latest blog posting!  Another SciFy Shenanigans interview!  Remember, I’ll send out the interview form to any author that fits this niche category.  If you know anyone you want me to interview, contact me through my blog and I’ll give it a shot!  I love giving everyone a chance to get personal with the names behind the books they love, so here goes nothing! Continue reading



sleepinglegion_logo_nov2016_02_transbgHello Space Cadets, how is everyone faring in this cold weather?  I’ll be okay once the Tidewater, Virginia area picks a season.  It’s been yoyoing between 38*F one week, and 70*F the next… ugh!  For today’s blog I wanted to show you a few YouTube videos I found where a gentleman built an AT-AT in his backyard!!  After seeing this, I’ve got new life goals!!!  Seriously, how many books will I need to sell to convince the wife this is a necessary thing?  Take a peek, and lets chat about this awesomeness!!!


Building it:


Finally Done:



Until next time, stay frosty and don’t forget to keep your powder dry! brown_bessJR


–> As usual, all images came from the Google’s “labeled for reuse” section.