Guest Blog: JR Handley – Cadences, Chants Galore


Hey Space Cadets, I’ve written a blog for a friend and wanted to share it with you guys. Check it out, give it a read and join the conversation!

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Hall & Beaulieu

Hello Space Cadet, today I wanted to muse about some parts of my time in the Big Green Weenie.  I tackle the role that cadences and martial music in the development of military culture and cores.  I hope you enjoy my ramblings, feel free to join the conversation afterwards!  Without further ado, let the ramblings begin.

Everyone who has ever served in the military knows a universal truth: the value of music.  You’re taught to march through music.  Yes, I know they stopped using marching bands to train with years ago.  Yes, I also know that they don’t even have lone buglers or drummers leading the charge.  However, we were all taught to march via the musical stylings of our sergeants or petty officers.  Shh, I won’t let on that I know your age (spies be spying yo) if you let me pretend everyone was smart enough to go Army! …

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