World Building: Website Design



Hey Space Cadets, how’s everyone today?  All’s going well in my neck of the of the woods.  Sorry this blog is going up late, had to deal with a slight family emergency.  Seems my erstwhile keeper locked her keys in her car on the way home from her sisters, several hours away.  Luckily the keys were in the car, one less expense!  As for The Sleeping Legion Series, I’m making adequate progress on book three.  Just shy of 40k words and with the wife home, and shedding the geographic single dadhood, I should be able to rock-n-roll.  Hopefully I can tame the Dragon, and make the dictation method work for me to speed up this spaceship!


Today I wanted to talk to you about the biggest part of my world building, the authors platform.  I’m not the most tech savvy guy out there, I’m practically a technological troglodyte.  When we decided to get a professional website, Team Handley picked what we could afford.  We were pre-revenue with the writing, but wanting to build everything up so we were prepared for launch day.  Ultimately, we went with WordPress because I already had a presence there and I didn’t want to lose that.  In the future, I’m not sure which hosting platform I would use but I love the friends I’ve made on WordPress so I think I’d keep that too, even if only the free part as a mirror to whatever follows.


After we set up our new website, we ran into struggle after struggle trying to figure it out.  When we realized that we would need help, we shopped around the best person for the job and found Matthew Wayne Selznick through my membership in The Listeners of the Dead Robot Society group on Facebook.  He first reached out with a few free tips, just one author helping another, until it became clear to me that he was the guy we would be hiring.  A few phone calls later, contracts were signed, initial deposits paid and our website was quickly assembled.  Seriously, in under two weeks we were ready to go.  Obviously making the site from scratch would take him longer but he was very forthright about everything.


If this strikes your fancy, if you’re interested in more, check out Matt’s websites!  Tomorrow’s post will be a follow on interview with Matt, so check back for more!



Until next time, stay frosty and don’t forget to keep your powder dry! 




 –> As usual, all images came from the Google’s “labeled for reuse” section or used with the full permission of the owner, MWS Media. 



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