Marine Monday: Lance Scipio



Hey Space Cadets, how’re you doing today?  I’m doing well, found out that the editors didn’t like the ending of the short story I submitted to the Roswell Anthology.  I just couldn’t give them what they wanted in the short 2-5k window so I withdrew the short story and promptly wrote another one.  It’s just waiting for that loving pass from my editor, who’s in the middle of a move.  I’ll keep you posted, but it taught me an important lesson. Sometimes you have to say no to projects.  Stopping my groove on Operation Breakout cost me several days of good word counts because I was writing a new short story for submission.  Now I’m back writing the next Sleeping Legion novel, and these lovely blog posts of course!


Okay, so on to our regularly scheduled Marine Monday! Today I was leaked, by our friendly neighborhood LegionLeak source, the official bio of Marine Lance Scipio.  Remember, destroy this message after reading it so the anonymous source can live long enough to continually feed us excellent intelligence!  Without further ado, here is the leaked document!




Hopefully you enjoyed this sneak peek into our favorite Marines official record.  If you did, stay tuned for next weeks as we anxiously wait for the latest documents smuggled our way!



Until next time, stay frosty and don’t forget to keep your powder dry!





 –> As usual, all images came from the Google’s “labeled for reuse” section or are screen grabs taken by JR Handley for use under the Fair Use Doctrine.


22 thoughts on “Marine Monday: Lance Scipio

    • Yeah, and I WILL do something with the one you edited because it has merit but I’ll probably add some more to it first. Maybe make it longer, closer to 10-20k for the introduction to the series (He who shall not be named) and I will be writing.

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    • They liked it, but felt the ending needed more. I’m just not concise enough to do all of that in 2-5k. The new short story was written with the criticism in mind, and hopefully it fits the bill. If not, I’ll try again some other time and publish the results to my mailing list.

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  1. JR,

    I submitted a short story to the Roswell Anthology as well. Sorry you didn’t get the ending right. I have no idea if they will like my submission or not. I was exactly at 4998 words. I was really cutting at the end and my mind could fill in the gaps but I have no idea if the reader will be able to do the same thing. But it was really fun to think of a new story.

    How long between your submission and when you heard back from them?



    • Within a week of submitting I received my feed back. It wasn’t that they didn’t like what I wrote, which is good. Just felt like it was too much of a cliff hangar and no real conclusion. I can see their point, but I couldn’t give them what they wanted with that particular piece n 5k words. So I cranked out a new one and I’ll let my editor wok his magic before submitting. Either way, was a fun learning experience.


  2. Having read this I believed it was very enlightening. I appreciate you finding the time and effort to put this informative article together. I once again find myself spending a significant amount of time both reading and commenting. But so what, it was still worthwhile!


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