If you do any of the following, you’re probably over 40 #Grammar #Justforfun #AmWriting


For the grammar fanatics among us! For the record, I’m only 35 and I was still taught these ‘old people’ rules. She needs to adjust that but otherwise it is a great article!

D.E. Haggerty

I was just working on a document a fellow writer sent me for review, and I couldn’t help but notice all those spaces between sentences. Ah, I thought, she must be over forty since she’s using the old-fashioned two spaces after a sentence rule. That got me to thinking about grammar rules that have changed and whether it’s possible to guess someone’s age from their grammar. So, just for fun, let’s have a look at grammar that gives away your age.

grammar-3Two spaces between sentences. If you use two spaces after a period, you’re probably over forty or use a manual typewriter. And I really hope you don’t use a manual typewriter. There are actually people out there who do. Yes, it’s true. I once took a job at the Province of North Holland to replace someone who was retiring. Not only did the man use a MANUAL typewriter, but…

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24 thoughts on “If you do any of the following, you’re probably over 40 #Grammar #Justforfun #AmWriting

  1. I’m super familiar with all but the two spaces rule: that started to change when I had my Word Processor. Ahh, memories. And The Who/whom controversy: much easier just to play it safe and use who when in doubt, like her other post says.

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