Writing Projects: Four Horseman Anthology


My new partner in crime, more to come from me on the subject!


Corey D. Truax

cartwrights.jpgI‘m pleased to announce J.R. Handley and I were invited to brainmerge and toss together a short story in the Four Horseman universe. If you are into science fiction stories where people jump into robots and lay waste to enemies, the Four Horseman series might be something you want to check out. First, a word from our sponsors.

Mark Wandrey wrote Cartwright’s Cavaliers (Book 1) and Chris Kennedy wrote Asbaran Solutions (Book 2). After I had finishing finger smacking my Kindle reading through Cartwright’s Cavaliers, I quickly sacrificed money to the Amazon gods to snag Asbaran Solutions. While I haven’t payed homage to the muse and read book two, I have high hopes after Mark’s offering.

asbaran solutions.jpgWhy am I even talking about these books? Well, they are fun reads for one. And two, these books set the stage for the Four Horseman universe. For those…

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