The Lyrids?


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Scott's Sky Watch!

Hey, everyone. Happy Friday!

A while back, I ran into someone I know from around town. We had a nice chat and he asked me why I don’t often write about meteor showers. He was right. I don’t.

I love meteor showers, but don’t have good luck with them. I’ve had the pleasure, luck, and fortune of seeing straggling Geminids, or maybe they were Ursids, streaking across the clear and amazing skies over Death Valley, California years ago. They were bright and bold, with streaks so long and dramatic that I had time to turn to my then-fiance and say “Hey, look at that!” before they vanished into the black. Each one seemed like its own stanza in a much bigger poem. It was, in every imaginable way, an incredible experience.

Unfortunately, outside of those supremely dark skies, they’re really tough. I find that if the sky isn’t just right…

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