Conquering the Mind with Writing – J. R. Handley Interview


Hey Space Cadets, I just wanted to share an interview I did with the Great Richard Klu! Give it a read, leave a comment and have fun!


Books and Mor

Below is an interview that I conducted with author J. R. Handley. I met J. R. here on WordPress and read about him on his website. It was after reading about him and his journey that I knew he was someone I wanted to talk to. You can find his blog here. J. R. Primarily writes military fiction.

What genre do you typically write? What drew you to that genre?

I write in the broader science fiction world, with a heavy leaning towards military science fiction.  And I’ve always loved science fiction and fantasy, but I found that science fiction was easier to write with my brain injury because I could use what I already knew. Plus, I read Star Wars novels as a kid and dreamed of being a Storm Trooper.  I like the idea of a future where anything is possible for those who work hard enough…

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