Awesome Books – On Sale!



Hey Space Cadets, how’re you guys doing?  Things are good here, I’m writing and spending time with the family. I want to share some good books with you today!  They’re all on sale, so get ‘em while they’re hot!  The books I’m recommending are ones I’ve read and loved OR ones I bought and want to read!  Also, don’t forget – if you haven’t read them – my Sleeping Legion books are on Amazon. If you DO read any of these books, please be kind and leave a review.

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Book Review: Dynamo (Mech Wars Book 2)



Hey Space Cadets, here is the next installment in my series of book reviews. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m a member of the TRMN. It’s a fan club for the Honor Harrington Universe by David Weber, and they do contests for their members all the time. There is a reading contest going on recently, and we get points for page reads. I’m thrilled that it prompted me to read more, as I’ve let writing get in the way of reading!  In addition to reading more this month, I’m working on the editorial revisions for book four of The Sleeping Legion Series.  Finally, if you haven’t read it, Operation Breakout is live! Continue reading