Hello Space Cadets! Today, I wanted to introduce you to another author from my WARRIOR WEEKEND INTERVIEW SERIES.  This one will be slightly different, as Katie is an Army wife, rather than a veteran.  Those who stayedKatie Cross at home, managing the hearth fire also served in my book.  I know it isn’t the same, but to me they’re the ones who ran the daily affairs that let the warriors do what warriors do.  I couldn’t have been as effective while serving at the tip of the spear if I didn’t know that things were solid at home.  My wife gave me that peace of mind, so I know it has intrinsic value.  Further, I’ve seen what happened to soldiers with crappy spouses.  To keep this blog as clean as this old grunt is capable of, let’s just say it didn’t end well.

So without getting lost in the weeds, let’s talk about today’s subject. Katie’s an amazing author, wife, mother to a crazy feral child that is almost two years old. She likes to climb mountains, hike with her dogs, and eat a lot of cookies. In that order.

When Katie’s the next big thing, we can all say we knew her when!  And hey, maybe she’ll slip us a free latte!  OR she could pimp our books so we can be as cool as her too!   “Do you fancy my book? Awesome, then try JR’s book in a totally different genre!”

Bam!  See how it’s done?  Take notes Katie, seriously!

If I’ve perked your interest, keep reading as I interview this lovely Army wife.


Without further ado, let’s get this interview cranking!

Tell me a little about your time as a military spouse?

It’s filled with LOTS of chocolate, yoga breathing, and writing—and that’s not even including deployment. 😉 JK. Being a military wife is intense, but a lot of fun!

 How do you feel that your affiliation with the military has influenced your writing?

In huge ways! I’m far more likely to plan global war because I can ask my husband to help me at any given point, and there’s nothing like a deployment to get me ready to write sappy love stories.

Do you think your military lifestyle, and more specifically your meeting all kinds of people, adds to the realism in your books?  If so, how?

I think so, just because military life forces people outside their comfort zone, which is something you have to do if you write good books. I mean, what Main Characters goes through a good story totally comfortable and living the dream?

 Do you feel like there is any bleed over from your husband’s work, into your books?

A little bit, for sure. Not that I ever planned it that way, but once I looked back, I could definitely see it!

 When did you start pursuing your writing more seriously?

Right after marrying the Army. 😉 We moved so often the first 2 years that I couldn’t always work as an RN, so I found something else a lot more flexible.

 Of all your work, which was your favorite to write?

Definitely my YA fantasy series, “The Network Series.” There’s something intoxicating about magic and being able to make anything happen.

 How many of your characters were inspired by your exposure to all things military?

At least 4 of them. My MC is a teenage girl with a father that is gone a lot and a mother who has to often raise her on her own.

How many of the scenes you wrote were inspired from your experience as a military spouse?

At least 8-10? Most of them are the moist poignant scenes I’ve ever written as well.

 Do you feel like your writing has served any therapeutic value for you?  Has it helped you process your experiences?

Absolutely. Writing is a huge escape for me when deployments are getting intense. In the beginning when I was getting used to it, it gave me something I could control and feel good about.

If you could serve with any of your characters, who would it be and why?

It would be Derek, my MC’s father. He’s a Protector, which is a highly-skilled witch that is basically a spy doing all kinds of undercover work. He’s brilliant with magic and a fantastic leader. I modeled him after my husband!

If you could pick one of your characters to be your husbands battle buddy, who would it be and why?

Definitely Derek!

 If you would want to avoid serving with any of your characters, who would it be and why?

Camille. She’s a very giggly, happy, but naïve teenager. I’d want her to stay that way, and wouldn’t want to expose her to those things.

What are you currently working on?

A book about dragons! It’s titled the Dragonmasters and is part of a duology that will hopefully release next year! I’ve also recently started working 1:1 with indie authors that need someone to help point them in the right direction with their business and their platform, so all the strategy sessions have been keeping me super busy!

 How can people find you?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If this convinced you to find out more, look up Katie and become a fanboy like I did!  Hey, I’ve yet to read her books, but if it’s as awesome as she is it’s gonna be AWESOME!  Just wait until the next novel takes the literary world by storm, we can say we knew her first!  I hope you all had a great time getting to know about Katie, don’t be afraid to say hello here or on her plethora of social media platforms.  If she doesn’t respond quick enough, glitter bomb her!  Mwahahaha!!  Wait, the little birdie tells me she might’ve already used this evilness in one of her books.  Send her fake books, just to tease him/her?  Would that be cruel enough to motivate contact?


Until next time, stay frosty and don’t forget to keep your powder dry!



->As usual, all images came from the Google’s “labeled for reuse” section or are screen grabs taken by JR Handley for use under the Fair Use Doctrine.


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