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Hey Space Cadets, how is everyone doing today?  I’m good and wanted to bring you an update!  I’m slogging through the editing of the super-duper secret project I finished in December and have added about 10k words to the length. It’s sitting at about 60k now and will probably end around 65k to 70k when I’m done. I’m not sure when the publisher will make an announcement, but I’ll keep you posted the moment I can!  I’m also fighting through my wife’s health issues, taking her to her doctors and the like. It’s a time suck because she can’t drive, and we don’t live in a mass transit region.  We’ll figure out our new rhythm eventually, and my production speed will improve. But enough depressing crap, let’s talk about some fun stuff! I recently started a podcast with my friend Chris Winder all about the worlds of written science fiction!  Check it out, you might enjoy it!


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Twitter: @SFS_Show


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Until next time, stay frosty and don’t forget to keep your powder dry!




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