Backblast Area Clear



Hey Space Cadets, how’re you doing on this fine day? I’m doing great, thrilled to be getting back into the writing groove. One of my recent releases was an anthology with some amazing authors. I wanted to remind you that it was available for your eyeballs! I recently sat down for a quick interview with Chris Winder were we talk about our contribution to this collection!

Click here to give it a listen!

Featuring Nebula Award Nominee Finalist Richard Fox, as well as other well-known authors such as MD Cooper, C.J. Carella, and Josh Hayes.

Let the explosions begin!

Humans have spread to the stars, taking their warlike nature with them. This anthology contains eleven incredible tales. Heroic warriors wage intergalactic war against their unrelenting foe. Watch these men and women display wanton courage under fire, despite the odds! Follow them on their quest for galactic supremacy. Do your part to conquer the galaxy! Buy a copy of Backblast Area Clear today.

Richard Fox – Going Dark which has been nominated for the Nebula Award
MD Cooper – Rika Crucible
C.J. Carella – Bushido Jackson and the Kaiji Menance
Josh Hayes – A Prelude to Valor
Tim C Taylor – The Hero of Azoth Zol
J.R Handley & Chris Winder – God Save the Queen
Scott Moon – Ash Roland
Logan Scott – Complacency’s Grave
JR Castle – Beginning of Chaos
Navin Weeraratne – The Battle Purple
Rick Partlow – The Great Wide Open

I hope you give this anthology a shot! It is currently 99 cents for a few more months. Don’t wait, or you’ll have to pay full price for the paperback!

 Until next time, stay frosty and don’t forget to keep your powder dry!




–> As usual, all images came from the Google’s “labeled for reuse” section or are used on the Fair Use Doctrine.


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