Tales of Summer Sales


Hey Space Cadets, how’s everyone doing today? I’m doing well, pushing myself to get back into my exercise routine. I’m desperately trying to undo the damage these COVID gains and get the scale going back in the right direction. Walking a mile and a half every day wearing a 40-pound weighted vest and listening to epic audiobooks. The summer weather will make this easier if I don’t drown in my own sweat first! If you’re looking to pass the time, check out these deals because they won’t last forever!


Rise of Mankind

Rise of Mankind: The Complete Series (Bks 1-10)

by John Walker

$0.99 US

Forget Nothing

Forget Nothing, A Galaxy’s Edge Novel

by Michelle C. Meyers & Jason Anspach

$2.99 US eBook

$0.00 US Audiobook

Wholesale Slaughter

Wholesale Slaughter: Books 1-3 (A Military Sci-Fi Box Set)

by Rick Partlow

$0.99 US (pre-order price)



by Scott Bartlett

$0.99 US

Final Days

Final Days

by Jasper T. Scott & Nathan Hystad

$0.99 US



A Collection of 11 Novels!

$0.99 US

Great War

A Rain of Fire (The Great War Bk1)

by Ralph Kerns

$0.99 US

Forsaken Mercenary

Forsaken Mercenary Box Set: Books 1–4

by Jonathan Yanez

$0.99 US


Janissaries (The Theogony Book 1)

by Chris Kennedy

$0.99 US



Until next time, stay frosty, and don’t forget to keep your powder dry!




 –> As usual, all images came from Google’s images in the “labeled for reuse” section or are owned by JR Handley.


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