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Hey Space Cadets, today I wanted to bring you some awesome little science fiction films.  It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these and I thought reviving it would be cool!  They’re indie productions, and very much worth watching!  I plan on posting another blog soon, but for today I need to work on book four of the Sleeping Legion Series.  So here’s a cool film!

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Hey Space Cadets, how’s everyone doing?  I’m doing well, busy editing and wrapping up some annoying work with my medical insurance. Hopefully, this will be the last time I talk about the editing phase book four. I’ve just finished editing book four of The Sleeping Legion Series. I’ve only got to wrap-up the last half of the TEU3 Anthology, and then I start writing my next project.  Ending a series is tougher than I thought; I’ve found I miss the characters as I work on the next project.  Can’t wait to fall in love with the next motley crew I assemble and unleash upon the galaxy! I’m very excited about these new stories, and can’t wait for you to be able to read them. Continue reading

SciFy Shenanigans: Justin Sloan


J. R. HandleyHey Space Cadets, how’s everyone doing today?  I’m doing fantastic! I’ve sent my finished reviews to the Boss Man for final approval. Once he signs off on it, I’ll give it back to my editor.  So… I’m onto editing my short story for TEU3!  And don’t forget to read the Sleeping Legion before the fourth and final novel releases in the near future.  There are audiobooks available for you, if that’s your preference. If you’ve already read up through Operation Breakout (Sleeping Legion Book 3), then check out my short story in the Four Horsemen Universe Anthology, For a Few Credits More. Continue reading

Book Review: A Fistful of Credits


Hey Space Cadets, how’re you doing?  I’m good, working on finalizing the edits on a short story and starting writing my super secret book. Meanwhile, I’m still reading and wanted to share what I’ve enjoyed lately. Here is the next installment in my series of book reviews.  I’ve just finished editing the final book of  the Sleeping Legion Series, which is with Boss Man for final approval, and am working on editing a short story that was accepted into The Expanding Universe 3 Anthology.  Finally, I have two recent publications to recommend to you. If you haven’t read it, Operation Breakout and a Four Horsemen Anthology, For a Few Credits More are available on Amazon.

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SFF Book Bonanza Promotions


Hey Space Cadets, how are you doing this fine day?  I’m doing well, I’m at Chapter 85 of my edits!  Book 4 in the Sleeping Legion my be finished yet.  I have to get back to my edits, but I just wanted to let you know I have joined in with other authors for three SFF Book Bonanza promotions this month.

I am a part of the Mega Book Gift Basket Giveaway – I am really pleased to be a part of this giveaway!  Click the link or the image above and enter to win a Mega Book Gift Basket, including a Kindle, $100 Gift Card, and lots of goodies!
I am also participating in the Kindle Unlimited promotion.  Click here and check it out.  Kindle Unlimited free for 30 days – just think you can even read my book!

Last but not least, I am participating in the $.99 Books Sci-Fi and Fantasy promotion.  Remember – this promotion starts on 16 October!

I am really thrilled to be a part of these promotions.  Please check them out – I think you will really enjoy them.


Until next time, stay frosty and don’t forget to keep your powder dry.



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Beyond the Shenanigans: Felix R Savage



Hey, Space Cadets, how are you doing this fine day?  I’m doing great, had an awesome walk and trying to get back into the routine of healthy living. Hopefully, life cooperates so I can continue my exercise routine, but ultimately family first.  I’m at chapter 80 of 88 with book four, which doesn’t yet have a name.  I intentionally keep my wife and kids in the backdrop, since they deserve their privacy and anonymity.  However, if you’ve read this blog you’ll know that my wife is recovering from a car accident and my son is having a tough go of it. I know this book should’ve been finished two months ago, but I trust you’ll forgive my tardiness. Continue reading