Beyond the Shenanigans: Felix R Savage



Hey, Space Cadets, how are you doing this fine day?  I’m doing great, had an awesome walk and trying to get back into the routine of healthy living. Hopefully, life cooperates so I can continue my exercise routine, but ultimately family first.  I’m at chapter 80 of 88 with book four, which doesn’t yet have a name.  I intentionally keep my wife and kids in the backdrop, since they deserve their privacy and anonymity.  However, if you’ve read this blog you’ll know that my wife is recovering from a car accident and my son is having a tough go of it. I know this book should’ve been finished two months ago, but I trust you’ll forgive my tardiness.


But enough about me, let’s talk about my SciFy Shenanigans Interviews. According to the mail I get from you, these posts have been well received. Because of that, I wanted to follow up with some of these authors, alumni, and veterans of my hijinks and insanity.  So I’m doing a new follow-up with those whose have a tolerance for my brand of weird that are willing!  I plan on making this a thing I’ll do on my blog, and we’ll talk about the latest projects of these authors and what they’ve been up too.


The first author into Crazy Town with me is Felix R Savage. You can read his first interview with me Sol System Renegades Serieshere if you wanna reminisce about the good ole days!  He’s an author whose books I’ve read and enjoyed, especially his Sol System Renegades series. He has cheerfully and willingly offered noob writers advice as we started the path from hobbyist to professional author.  I was inspired to find a way to keep up with the authors I interviewed when I heard that Felix has a new science fiction series coming out.  If you’re interested in knowing more, keep reading!


It’s been awhile since you were in the Handley Trenches, so tell me about what you’ve been up to? 


Baby Savage #2 was born at the same time as The Chemical Mage, give or take a week. So I’m now a veteran parent as well as a veteran author. Funny how neither thing gets any easier with repetition! And the feline overlords’ noses are seriously out of joint. Asofhofhaifh ß cat foot-typing to express displeasure.



What is your newest project?

The Chemical Mage is a supernatural hard science fiction adventure, the first in a new series entitled The Tegression Trilogy. Ghosts in space! It’s military science fiction with a soupcon of supernatural horror. I feel like a bit of a traitor to the laws of physics, but after writing the Earth’s Last Gambit Quartet, which was ultra-hard science fiction, I needed to cut loose. So this series is what happens when I open the door to my fantasy and horror influences, including Stephen King and Jim Butcher.


Where did you get the idea for The Chemical Mage?

It was one of those mind-hijack things. I was left-hooked by a scene of a small crew working construction in the Kuiper Belt, who start seeing ghosts. And the ghosts are real


That sounds intriguing, so who’s the main character?  Tell us more about them!

The main character is Colm Mackenzie, a gunship pilot in the Navy of the Human Republic who’s perpetually on the verge of getting into serious trouble. His background is murkier than it appears at first. 350 years in the future, humanity is embroiled in a war with the survival of Earth at stake, but the key to defeating our supernatural enemy lies far from Earth … and only Colm can find it. But will his mistakes kill him before he can unravel the mystery?


Sounds like Colm would fit right in with my insane asylum friends!  Is this character based on anyone in particular?  How’d you come up with this cool cat?

Like most of my main characters, Colm is someone whose life I’d like to try on, and also a cautionary example. So it’s a mixture of “there but for the grace of God go I” and “damn I want to live in the year 2345 and fly an FTL spaceship!!” The difference is that Colm is a hero and I am just a scribbler with big dreams.


Assuming that this book is another breakout hit for you, where do you see The Tegression Trilogy going?

That would be spoilery 😀 But it will go in unexpected directions. Probably unexpected even by me. Much as I attempt to plan my books ahead of time, the characters always end up yanking them in a different direction. And whether it will be a breakout hit depends on the readers! I have made peace with the fact that I am not in control.  (“You got that right” – Feline Overlords #1 and #2)


Bonus: There’s a FREE short story set in the universe of The Tegression Trilogy which you can download as part of the Beyond the Heliosphere collection, here: This story features different characters, but it’s an exciting peek into the Tegressionverse. You also get 9 other stories by authors such as M.D. Cooper, Craig Martelle, and Terry Mixon! This collection will go away on October 15th, so jump on it 😀



Until next time, stay frosty and don’t forget to keep your powder dry!




–> As usual, all images came from the Google’s “labeled for reuse” section or are screen shots taken by JR Handley and used under the Fair Use Doctrine.

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