Great finds in Kindle Unlimited


Hey Space Cadets, a few months ago I made a series of posts about some great science fiction sales that were out there for you. Today I wanted to give you some good deals from the panoply of Kindle Unlimited offerings. I’ve read the last five stories and loved them, but the first two popped out to me in prepping this blog post so I had to throw them in. I’ll be checking them out myself in the near future.

Right, let’s get on with the list!


Ark Royal by Chris Nutall

The Heirs of Earth by Daniel Arenson

Terms of Enlistment by Marko Kloos

Empire of Bones by Terry Mixon

Steel World by B.V. Larson

Decisively Engaged by CJ Carella

Imperator by Jason Anspach & Nick Cole

Order of the Centurion by Jason Anspach & Nick Cole


Until next time, stay frosty and don’t forget to keep your powder dry.



–>As usual, all images came from Google’s “labeled for reuse” section or are videos used by JR Handley for use under the fair doctrine.


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