Interviewed by Boss Man



Hey Space Cadets, I hope everyone is having a spectacular day!!  I’m doing great, I had a moment on release day where The Legion Awakes was #27 in the Hot New Releases for Military Science Fiction (Space Marine) and #44 in the broader Hot New Releases for Military Science Fiction.  Thank you, sincerely, for being a part of my team and joining me in the trenches!  To be honest, we don’t plan to be a flash in the pan.  The plan for The Sleeping Legion Series is one of a slow burn, as we build an awesome series.  We hope the readers agree, and join us on this adventure.


Moving right along to the topic at hand, today Boss Man posted an interview he conducted with me and I thought I would share the link.  If you want to learn more about the craziness behind my shenanigans, click here.


Until next time, stay frosty and don’t forget to keep your powder dry!




 –> As usual, all images came from the Google’s “labeled for reuse” section.

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