Tranquility 4JR HandleyHey Space Cadets, how’re ya’ll doing on this fine day?  I’m doing great, working hard on edits for a short story and book four!  I’m excited to see how the story ends before moving on to the next project. During this time, when I don’t have deadlines beating me about the head and shoulders, I took some family time.  Took my bride on the date to Red Lobster, killed my diet and one meal, and generally have been having a blast! Okay, I know that some people might suggest that it’s a little low rent, but chain restaurants are budget friendly. Maybe if the next book sells like hotcakes, I’ll try a “real” seafood place.  I’m told that I’m a bad representation of the Tidewater Region of Virginia because I’ve never had lobster.  Eventually, I will fix this, but only after we keep the power on!

J R on a DateWhy do I mention this? Because I wanted to take a moment to remind every one of the importance of taking time for family. Those ideas in your head will still be there tomorrow, we hope, but your kids will only be kids once. Sometimes, it’s important to get back and relax. Take a moment to enjoy those islands or the chaos, but to simply enjoy being. I know this probably sounds hokey, all that stuff actualization stuff that you’re bombarded with on social media.  But for me, my creativity is like a cup, it needs to be refilled.  I do that by taking little moments with the family, who only want a few minutes of quality time.

Anyway, enough ramblings from me today!

 Until next time, stay frosty and don’t forget to keep your powder dry!  




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3 thoughts on “FAMILY TIME

  1. A great reminder, J.R.! Writers like us are in this business for the long haul, but that doesn’t mean that we have to neglect our family members. After all, they are some of our biggest supporters 🙂


  2. nicholeqw1023

    Family time is the best. Also, lobster isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. (See what I did there?) 😂 It was too rich for my tastes, but I prefer fresh water fish.


  3. When you get right down to it, a lobster is basically a water bug. (I have a policy: Food without a backbone had better be a plant.)

    I don’t like lobster (and have only tried it once) despite having been raised by people originally from Maine. On the other hand, thanks to Pseudo-Mom’s father, I do have an appreciation for good fish chowder.


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