The gift of short story for jrhandley


Another blogger I follow, a fellow lover of the written word, has written a short story for me. It is simply amazing, and I had to share. Take a read, follow the links and show her some love!

Angelina Kerner

CASUALLY CIVIL (Military science set 4987 AD)

All I see realized.

Mind benders at every corner.

Repacking English like a pig to the butcher.

Blood gushing, pouring.

That’s my job. I am a synthetic. My fundamental task is to jerk of people as fast as I can. The faster I am giving you an orgasm, the less time you spend on our servers, the more revenue we generate, the more people I get to provide my care and hospitality.

I jerk off men, women, teenagers, anything and anyone that passes my portal, anyone pretending to be beyond 18 years of age.

One of my specialty is crawling. I vacuum any trace, any data crumb my customers leave behind. Flight tickets, cookies, magnetic boot loggers, fitness trackers, GPS data, 金融交易, I inspect packets, open them, track addresses, the virtual and the physical, and from all of this, you, all…

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