Blaster Bolts Kickstarter


Hey Space Cadets, I wanted to reach out to you and tell you about a Kickstarter for an anthology that includes two of my short stories. I had a lot of fun writing them with Jaime DiNote and thought you should hear about this exciting offer!

What is Blaster Bolts?

Blaster Bolts is a zine with short science fiction (with a western or military vibe), fun art and new adventures and rules content for the White Star Roleplaying Game (including a lot of new content from system creator James Michael Spahn.)

With the help of some talented artists, fiction authors and gaming writers – we released 13 complete issues of Blaster Bolts this year. 

But, why?

We wanted to create a magazine that was both fun to read and to look at and that was reminiscent of well-loved fan magazines of the early 80s (such as Dragon) that combined  fiction with tabletop gaming content. While Dragon  was specifically a fantasy magazine, we wanted to do a science fiction spin on that idea.

So, what is this Kickstarter for?

This Kickstarter will fund the layout on two compilation books:

  • The anthology of the short stories from the 13 existing issues of Blaster Bolts. 
  • An omnibus of the new rules content and adventures for the White Star RPG from the 13 issues of Blaster Bolts.

Why a two-book set?

Short answer: We have had a lot of requests for both an anthology collecting just the fiction and an omnibus with just the RPG content.

Longer answer: This two-book set lets you get the full Blaster Bolts experience as you immerse yourself in this rich science fiction to set the stage on your game table for retro sci-fi fun.

Until next time, stay frosty, and don’t forget to keep your powder dry!



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