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Hello Space Cadets!!  In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting articles about the various parts of my writing process.  I plan on covering alien creation, foreign languages and character creation.  In addition, I’ll write about how I ‘invent’ new technologies and where I conduct my research.  There will be posts about resources I use, and mentors I’ve been lucky enough to have.  Now that my website is wrapping up, it is time to do all of the prep work for a smooth transition into my blog schedule.  I look forward to bringing you with me on this journey, and can’t wait to read your comments in the forthcoming posts. 


Now, as for a quick NaNoWriMo update!  I’ve been sucking it recently, life has been crazy and I’m way behind.  With two special needs kids, you just have to seize life by the… and carry on.  I grab words where I can and attend my local Hampton Roads NaNo Group’s Friday write-ins to catch up.  Yesterday I managed to crank out 900 words while I was there, not bad since I am working on a crappy laptop that isn’t comfortable for my sore hands.  This has convinced me to double down on my goals of learning to better use my Dragon software and lighten the load on my hands.  So, now that we’ve gotten here…. It is time for my word weigh-in and the judgement that will surely follow.  It is Day 12 and I’m sitting at 13,052 words.  I hope to finish the day at 17,000 words but that might just be a pipe dream.  I still have to take my son out clothes shopping, he’s outgrown everything he owns.  Ugh, not only is he EATING me out of house and home, now he’s growing like a weed.


Until next time, stay frosty and don’t forget to keep your powder dry!



—> As usual, the image I used today can be found under Google’s “labeled for reuse” section.

8 thoughts on “Blog & Writing Update

    • Thanks. Didn’t hit the goals yesterday either. Meh, next semester will be easier. My wife is going back to school for Speech Pathology and has her A&P (Anatomy and Physiology) Class this semester. It is brutal and kicking her booty. Normally she is VERY supportive of my writing and we’ve prioritized it but right now her class is the big thing. A&P is a gatekeeper class for her major (most medical fields too) and she has to do well. Still, I desperately want to finish strong on NaNo so I’ll keep plugging away. I know that once I get rolling into the story I do better on my word counts and I’m not so far behind that it’s impossible for me to win.

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  1. writteningeek

    A writer’s road is scribbled with good intentions…I am behind on NaNoWriMo as well. Darn real life! 😉 Glad that life is good even if it’s insanely busy. Take care of yourself!

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